Hard Places

by Billy Crain

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    Solo CD number 5 by rip-roaring Southern Rock Icon Billy Crain

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Fifth solo record from rip-roaring Southern Rock Icon Billy Crain. 100% of the sales from this CD will be given to the Papillion Center for FASD. They help children with FASD, drug addicted births, abuse, adopted children and traumatic birth. When you buy this CD you are helping a child....


released November 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Billy Crain Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Holy Wrath
Holy Wrath

A rainbow of smiles broke out the other day
You could hear the liberals singing at least 3 galaxies away
All the lawmakers and the oddstakers and the
hit the cake baker and the preacher man with everything
they had
It’s a house of glass against Holy Wrath

Sing a song of worship sing a song of praise
Cause your health and wealth gospel
is gonna get you that long awaited raise
Megabucks powerball pick six you can have it all
Lord I swear I’ll give you half
And you can keep your mercy and your Holy Wrath

You say you don’t like religion it’s just a waste of time
A bunch of rules and regulations
For every dollar you make you gotta give back a dime
There’s purgatory heavenly glory satan’s fury end of story
at the last trumpet’s blast
It’s Amazing Grace or Holy Wrath
Track Name: Hard Places
Hard Places

You can try to fit me in with a bow in my hair
Dress me up in what you think I should wear
Make excuses for the way that I am
Try to change me but you don’t understand
There’s not enough love to heal the pain
I’ve carried with me from the very first day
I just need prayers and sympathy
Then one of these days you’ll finally get me

Chorus I’m from hard places
Been living in the blank spaces
Looking for an oasis
To find some rest
If you want to hold me close
Then you got to let me be
The way that God created me
Nothing more nothing less

I’ve got eyes that sparkle and a gorgeous smile
A heart of gold but every once in a while
It puzzles you how hard I try
To find those missing pieces inside
I love to laugh at the silliest things
I’m a friend to all even when they’re mean
But I’ve got feelings that I can’t change
Those missing years I can’t explain

B. Crain / S. Crain
Track Name: Cold Feet
Cold Feet

I watch you bend and stretch
In your little sundress
Can’t you give the garden a rest
Cause something else is growing
There’s a plot unfolding
While you’re busy weeding and hoeing
Maybe I will maybe I won’t
Maybe it’s better if I don’t

Chorus Cause i get cold feet
My toes turn blue my knees get week
Cold feet
I get cold feet
I’d like to warm them up between your sheets
Cold feet

Wish I had a four leaf clover
Then I’d waltz right over
and tap you on the shoulder
Could be my lucky day
Or will I hear you say
Nice try and walk away
Maybe you maybe you won’t
Maybe it’s better if you don’t


Maybe I will maybe I won’t
Maybe it’s better if I don’t


Track Name: Dying Breed
Dying Breed

I had an old red beat up Gibson with a 4 12
a Fender Bassman and a suitcase
with cables and strings inside
Got off an airplane smelling like whiskey and cigarettes
in the dead of winter in the Tampa heat
the land of green grass and high tides

We did it the hard way taking our band to every city
working our way from coast to coast
and hitting everywhere in between
With nothing but a handshake winning them over one fan at a time
screaming guitars playing all night long
and calling it living the dream

Chorus But I just heard sixteenth notes on the same fret
That ain’t a solo to a seasoned vet
Too much compression too much delay
I don’t think Clapton would have done it that way
cause we are the last of a dying breed

We were lined up all along the watchtower
the Freebirds and the Hotel Californians as the Stairway
To Heaven crumbled under our feet
There was Statesboro Blues coming from the Crossroads
a Crazy Train driven by a Grey Ghost
it left the station I heard the Guitars Gently Weep

Chorus Cause I just heard sixteenth notes on the same fret
That ain’t a solo to a seasoned vet
Too much compression too much delay
I don’t think Hendrix would have done it that way
cause we are the last of a dying breed

Chorus I saw pedalboards and amp simulators
that ain’t the way to make you play any better
Too much compression too much delay
I don’t think Skydog would have done it that way
cause we are the last of a dying breed
Track Name: Amazing Wife
Amazing Wife

Everything was copastetic in the house
Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse
The stork had come and gone years ago
Nothing stopping us from growing old
Then you got that crazy look in your eyes
The wheels were turning why baby why
I’ll give you anything your heart asks for
But I never expected a couple more
We’ve done a lot of things on the spur of the moment
And I’m putting my foot down hard right on it

Chorus She doesn’t scream she doesn’t shout
She doesn’t give a lame excuse what it’s all about
She doesn’t cry a river of tears or tell me what I want to hear
She’s a straight shooting no fooling hard hitting kind of right
And that’s my life with my amazing wife

I pictured us sitting on a sandy beach
Sipping tall drinks during the winter weeks
But we just passed a highway sign
Saying Disney World have a great time
At least she still loves the Cadillac
A soccer van no I won’t do that
Behind the wheel of a Chevy or Ford
With kiddie car seats and electric doors
A DVD player mounted on the roof
I could change the subject but what’s the use

B. Crain
Track Name: Goodnight Jimmy
Goodnight Jimmy

He had a Mayberry Smile that was big and wide
White dress shirt and sharp bowtie
The last time I saw him we made small talk
Like how’s your kids is this your day off

Chorus Goodnight Jimmy
Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow maybe I won’t
So just in case I don’t
Goodnight Jimmy
Don’t forget to turn the lights off and lock the door
I wish I could’ve said more than
Goodnight Jimmy

How do you get from I do and for better or worse
To a line of cards behind a big black hearse
What were you thinking on that backroad
When you ended your life and surrendered your soul

B. Crain
Track Name: Buzzards

They first showed up when I was fourteen
They were big and bad and hungry and mean
They would feed on my fears and panic attacks
But the harder I fought the more they’d fight back

Chorus Buzz buzz buzzards sitting on the headboard
Buzz buzz buzzing all around my head
Like planes lined up waiting at the airport
Buzz buzz buzzards want to see me dead

They kept coming back the older I got
They seemed content just to wait and watch
When my eyelids cracked open the first thing I’d see
Was a row of hungry heads looking down at me

As I lay here watching them circle the skies
Can’t help but think has a part of me died
I could be roadkill on any given day
But i ain’t ready yet to fly away

B. Crain
Track Name: John Wayne Heart
John Wayne Heart

He was standing on the ramp of exit 64 holding up a sign made of cardboard
saying anywhere at all will work for me
She was driving in to town to her dead end job serving late night coffee to the shipyard crowd with nothing to show but an unfinished degree
She said i’ll give you a ride but only so far
he said drop me off at the nearest star
the Milky Way is looking pretty good to me
She said I could use some space between me and here I’ve got nothing to leave except a whole lot of fear could you use some conversation and company
and he said

You don’t have to be strong as stone or steady as steel
or take the world by force with an iron will cause the best made plans can fall apart
all you need are wings and a John Wayne Heart

He asked what kind of life are you dreaming of
is it white picket fences and a house full of love 401 k’s and yearly vacations
or floating on the breeze with no strings attached counting your blessings not what you lack
you can be content in every situation
I’ve got room for two in my head
we can sleep together or in separate beds
all you got to do is use your imagination
she said nothing but failure holds me down and keeps me anchored to this damn town with the should’ve’s could’ve’s and would’ve’s
and he said

Track Name: Traveling Light
Traveling Light

I’ve been carrying this excess baggage around
With a heavy heart weighing me down
Every emotion is packed in there
Too many feelings that I try to wear
Too many tears too many doubts
Unzip my thoughts and shake them out
Rid my pockets of ego and pride
Settle in my seat a heavenly ride

Chorus I’m traveling light
Taking my spirits to great new heights
Traveling light
With a new outlook on a worn out life’
Traveling light
With nothing but grace on a spiritual life
Tonight I’m traveling light

I’ve been losing time like a fake Rolex
Too may jokers in a loaded deck
I’d like nothing more than to let it all go
In the general direction of where the wind blows
With carry on dreams in my hands
And nothing underneath loaded with demands
Nothing taking space up in my head
Nothing but blue skies up ahead

B. Crain
Track Name: Sleep

Where’s my Ambien I’m wide awake in dreamland
Who’s got the Percocet I got an aching in my head
I’m so tired and uninspired
Up down right or left counting sheep and taking breaths
Thought hopping jumping fast tomorrow keeps me in the past
I’ve had enough could it be the drugs

Chorus I can sleep when I’m dead cause I won’t need a bed
just a mattress made of air with clouds for a chair
I can grab forty winks and not even think
that I’m out of my head I can sleep when I’m dead

Chemically codependent yes no I didn’t mean it
Toss me another pill I need to change the way I feel
Yep that’s me three personalities
Where’s my PDR I don’t know what these things are
Will they make me big and tall or really really really small
It’s getting light who turned out the night



Track Name: Papillion

Red splashes of anger
Sadness streaks of blue
Yellow tints of fear all over you
Green patterns of envy
Purple stripes so friendly
Every color in the world inside of you

Chorus Papillion Papillion
to the sky you belong
spread your wings go on home
fly away Papillion

You hang out with the wildflowers
and flutter on the breeze
in a world so black and white you’re carefree
You feel safe among the horses
cause they know your inner voices
they take your broken wings and let you be
awe let you be


Track Name: Last Man Standing
Last Man Standing

I said goodbye to an old friend today
heard the same old lines and cliches
He looks so peaceful, he was too young to die
I guess it’s God’s will anyway
He left behind a sister a should’ve been ex wife
One was on the left side the other on the right
Pictures on the table reminders of why
No one gets out of her alive

Chorus So I shake another hand hug another neck
Talk about the old times long gone so quick
At the end of the line all alone and abandoned
I don’t want to be that last man standing

They talked about his cancer while they smoked a cigarette
Proclaiming with conviction one day they’re gonna quit
Propose a final toast put your doing in the air
Start it with a joke and end it with a prayer
Ashes to ashes dust to dust
Death and taxes are gonna get all of us
You may leave behind a fortune for somebody else
cause you can’t take it with you oh well

B. Crain