Family Matters

by Billy Crain

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released September 14, 2015



all rights reserved


Billy Crain Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: True Beauty
True Beauty

You wake up a little bit early to say your morning prayers
And open up those pretty brown eyes
to a crazy world out there
Before the sun peeks in and the day begins
you take a little time for yourself
Cause you give away the rest of your day to everyone else
You fix your hair and you fix your makeup
and get it oh so right
And dress up for the chaos of something we call life
But only God and me really get to see what’s inside of you
There’s love and faith and hope and grace in
everything you do

Chorus True beauty
It comes from the heart
You won’t find it on the ocean floor or written in the stars
When the vanity’s gone and covered in dust
That’s the moment you see true beauty show up

You got words of wisdom worth their weight in gold
And eyes that sparkle like diamonds
and a body that I want to hold
I covet your love like treasure from above I’ll go to any length
I can paint a pretty picture but the real thing is heaven sent
So tonight when the shadows lay down to rest
Know that you are truly loved and eternally blessed
When the lights go off and the breath grows soft
And the children are asleep
I’ll be waiting on an angel to lay down next to me



B. Crain
Track Name: Lucky Penny
Lucky Penny

She was looking forward to her sixth birthday
with Hello Kitty themes
No colleges or graduation days
No wedding bells were in her dreams
Her whole life was waiting for her
she loved to thank God for the sun
Till a man walked into her classroom
With a hand wrapped around a gun

Chorus Lucky Penny
Walking through the halls of heaven
With angels for company
Now Jesus is a little richer
So Penny say a prayer for peace
Lucky Penny

They named her after her great grandmother
but Penny was her nickname
Daddy called her his copper headed girl
cause that temper you couldn’t tame
She didn’t have a care in the world
on that cold December day
the only thing she was thinking about
was Christmas was a week away


Bridge Lighting a candle ain’t enough
Cause losing a child hurts so much
There ain’t no prayers no words of comfort
For the loved ones left behind
That man didn’t think about
all the heart’s that he’d break
that man didn’t think about
all the lives that he’d take
With a wicked heart and a darkened soul
And evil in his hand
Something that we parents
Will never ever understand


B. Crain / S. Crain
Track Name: Family Matters
Family Matters

John Crain was my firstborn son stubborn hearted bound to run
I watched an angry boy grow up from a half empty glass to an
overflowing cup
He left town and never looked back that Portland rain had
what he lacked
When I think about him I couldn’t be any prouder
cause family matters

Sarah came home a total surprise September’s child
with searching eyes
Had me right there in the palm of her hand
in that certain way that a daughter can
She’s independent loving and kind
but she felt trapped in between the lines
And Texas had what she was searching after family matters

Dallas came home that fateful night
we said goodbye to a cherished life
He was sad and I was too but the more we loved him
the more we knew
I guess something’s were meant to be
and the good Lord’s ways are a mystery
His heart of gold is a treasure chest not a day goes by
where I don’t feel blessed
Stella showed up at the worst of times I thought my wife had
lost her mind
But she saw something deep in me a reborn faith that I’d believe
There was something more to life than this so we’re starting over
with two more kids
And more will be revealed in the days hereafter
cause family matters

Sherry’s all that I have left of the family that lived like
Father Knows Best
Tommy’s gone too young to die it was the only time
I ever saw my dad cry
With angel’s wings and broken hearts I watched my mom and dad
fall apart
What was once a family tree fell branch by branch all around me
Some days I wake up lost and confused what’s a poor little orphan
boy to do
When no one’s there to comfort him that’s the minute
that Sandy steps in
She’s my rock and she’s my strength and she will go to any length
To pull me right back from the edge of disaster that’s why
family matters

B. Crain
Track Name: Road Warriors
Road Warriors

I was barely 15 and still just a kid
Going to East Tennessee where my sister lived
She was keeping house with a drummer in a band
And I was just a teenage star struck fan
She used to take me down to this bar on the strip
Open up the back door and in I’d slip
Pitcher’s full of beer raised in the air
Rich Mountain Tower on the stage right there

The next thing you know I’m humming down the highway
Econoline Van full of beer and band mates
Interstate 40 East Knoxville bound
Got a gig on the strip gonna burn it right down
TC’s toking on a big fat number
Talking ‘bout Duane and a band of brothers
We were gonna hit it big just like that
Pay our dues and live like crap

Chorus We were Road Warriors
Young and dumb living life on the run
Road Warriors
Fighting our battles like we’d already won

Nobody had any folding money
We were so broke that it ain’t even funny
Didn’t care much about fortune and fame
It’s all about the music remember our name
Roger just said the oil light’s on
Mule just smiles and tries to look calm
We were so high that we didn’t even care
Cause we had enough dope to get us there

As I sit down here fighting back the tears
Can’t help but think life ain’t fair
TC’s gone and I’m wondering why
He’s on the big tour bus in the sky
Am I ten feet tall and still bulletproof
The battlefield’s covered in my wasted youth
Let me wrap my hands around a steering wheel
And keep on driving till I can’t feel


B. Crain
Track Name: Wilder Things
Billy Crain
Track Name: Joe Parker
Joe Parker

Black suit taking in the noonday heat
I walked into church and took a seat
Feeling like a sitting duck on the water
We were from different sides of the track
I was white and he was black
He was gone to heaven I couldn’t have been much farther
They started preaching all about civil rights
And jumping in and finishing the fight
I could feel the sweat dripping underneath my collar
But we all had one thing we shared in common
We all knew one day the end was coming
So we paid our last respects to Joe Parker

What do you want it to say on your tombstone
When there’s nothing left of you but a bag of bones
In that little dash between your birth and death
Did you fight for the poor fight for the oppressed
Did you struggle with the devil where you put to the test
Did you give with your right hand and not tell your left
Did you love your neighbor and wash his feet
Or ignore the bum on the corner of your street
Did you turn the other cheek or slap back harder
I heard a whole lot of good stuff that day
About a man who wasn’t scared to say
I believe in Jesus and his name was Joe Parker

Well I walked back to the car a brand new man
With a lot of gratitude and a change of plans
The future couldn’t look any brighter
Now that’s one hell of a legacy
That he left behind for you and me
And I owe it all to my friend Joe Parker

B. Crain
Track Name: 1928

She cradles her heart like a baby child
Sometimes she cries sometimes she smiles
They say the heat can break you down
to make mistakes on hallowed ground
They did things they should’ve
Now it’s to late to cut and run

Chorus In 1928 a child was born surrounded by hate
In 1928 there were just some rules that you didn’t dare break
In 1928 people got bent way out of shape
Back then in 1928

He checks on her every now and then
To satisfy the guilt within
What would I do if it were me
Could I let go and set her free
From angry words and scornful eyes
On judgement day will the angels cry


Chorus In 1928 a child was born and saved by faith
In 1928 with hope and love and amazing grace
In 1928 there were just some chances that you had to take
In 1928 leave it up to God not the hands of faith
In 1928

B. Crain